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Frequently Asked Question(s)

We believe in thorough collaboration with our clients, which makes client correspondence a must in every step of the process. We keep every client updated with their project progress to ensure every need and required edit is well-catered.
The truth is that each project is different, and no two projects have the same requirements and approaches. Project completion depends mostly on the length of the book, the responsiveness of the client and the nature of the requested services. The quicker the responses, the quicker the deliveries. The prompt response from the client helps us pace up the project through the completion and publication phases.
We offer well-formulated packages at incredibly budget-friendly rates. However, if a client cannot make the payment in one go, our customer care representatives are available around the clock to help you break down your payment into installments. We accept online payments by charging your card.
In most cases, the communication is done by the customer care executive, who conveys the writer’s and client’s concerns to each other. The writers and editors compose reviews and correspondence to be sent to the client, and the clients are allowed to write and email their queries. The concerns of both the client and writer/editor are communicated by the customer care executive. However, if direct communication with the writer/editor is what a client wants, then, yes, we do allow that.
Our digital marketing follows the latest trends and utilises advanced approaches to strategise for every project. We work in collaboration with the client to keep them on-board and updated with all that goes on in making their marketing project a success.

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