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Book writing is an intricate process that requires a lot of research and expertise and work that may exhaust you and throw you off track. Why don't you allow us to help? Our team of excellent, trained and professional book writers will ensure that your book is nothing short of a bestseller. Do yourself and your book a favour and allow us to write your book for you, just the way you want it!

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Why should you choose BookWritingCube to write your book?

We know entrusting someone with your life's work and your brainchild isn't easy. However, at BookWritingCube, we have dealt with many clients from every genre and every part of the world, and we can proudly say that we have delivered many projects. We are sure you may have a couple of questions for us, so allow us to rid you of all the inhibitions that are keeping you from choosing to work with us.

Why a book writer when I can write a book myself?

Of course, you are more than capable of writing your book. We are sure you would do a stellar job at it as well. Choosing our writers would help give you the assistance that would do your job for you, just how you like it. Our book writers are the literary industry's finest and well-versed in all the latest trends and rules. While you instruct us and brief us about the contents you would like in your book, it is our ghostwriters' job to incorporate all of that, keeping in mind the latest format and the grammar trends and what guidelines the latest ebook platforms are following.

Such services, are they very expensive?

That is definitely not the case with us! We have numerous packages, depending upon the nature of your project and what kind of package would suit it better. And don't worry, we have a very flexible model of payment that wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

How strict are you with your confidentiality?

When we say we are professionals, we mean it! All our writers, support, and agents have to sign an NDA before they start working for us. Any confidentiality breach will be held accountable in a court of law. Regardless, there hasn't been any incidence where a client has experienced any breach of confidentiality or plagiarism.

What genres do you cover?

We cover all genres from fiction to autobiographies, fantasy thrillers, to children's literature. Our book writing services cover all genres and all types of literary pieces, regardless of their subject and genre. We have an arsenal of teams dedicated to numerous genres, all of which are tremendous at their job.

Why Must you choose us?


Premium quality content

Our Ghostwriting team regularly puts together unique and relevant content in the literary industry. Our seasoned and professional writers rarely miss hitting the top spot.


High Client retention rate:

Other than all the other ghostwriting companies, our clients can vouch for us. We have a higher client retention rate owing to our pristine and professional workforce and excellent client communication.


Personalised Strategic Approach:

We design and curate a proper strategy for each project in coordination with the client, and each project has its unique strategy, which reckons our deliverables to leave an impact.


Refined Process:

We follow a refined streamlined process from the initial draft to the final draft until the proofreading and publication.


Big-5 Editors:

Your project will be managed and edited by a former acquisitions editor from a Big-5 publisher with numerous New York Times - Book Writing titles.


Publishing Navigation:

We guide you through every step of the book publishing process. We can place your book directly with traditional publishers or help you choose the ideal hybrid publishing solution.

An Effective formula for Ebook writing: Planning>> Writing >> Designing

Publishing BestSellers is our main concern. We want to help you outshine all the other authors and books in the literary world. For this, we need to work in proper coordination, which is why You have an option of doing a one-hour interview where any challenging or confusing topics will be bouncing off us before they're even published.


Paving Your Way for An Unforgettable eBook

Our eBook publishing service is an excellent tool to build your authority in the book writing industry and become an authority on relevant information.

Connect with an efficient genre writer and schedule a 1 on 1 interview

Get the desired eBook design and have it formatted according to industry standards

We take care of copyrights, editing and designs along with content

Ultimate Place for eBook Illustration and Designing

Book Writing Cube has a team of professional illustrators and designers ready to breathe life into your idea. Our specialisation lies in various genres that include:


Professional eBook Writing and Publishing We Give New Life To Your Words

Every book idea is unique and requires a little effort to manifest it into reality. Allow us to collaborate with you and manifest your idea into reality.

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