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The often-overlooked need for illustrations

At Book Writing Cube, we provide affordable children's book illustration services to both self-publishing and conventional publishing authors. We have a pool of incredibly skilled illustrators delivering exceptional and on-time results. When working with you, we make sure to get a complete idea of your needs in order to compose and deliver expectation-exceeding outcomes.

No matter what style or spread of illustration you desire, our well-designed images convey the right emotion, the right tone and the right sentiment of the author. Our professionals make sure the illustrations not only make your story captivating but they also do justice to the storyline and plot.


The types of illustrations you can get done by our professionals!

When it comes to children's books, a variety of illustrations can be composed to uplift your story and make it more appealing to the little minds! Here’s what you need to know:


Spot Illustration:

Spot illustration is a single piece of illustration drawn on the first or the title pages of each chapter. It could be basic line art or a small caricature drawn right above the title of the chapter, which takes up a quarter or lesser portion of the page. They are less expressive and have more to do with just intriguing the reader or enticing their imagination enough to carry on reading.


Half-page illustrations:

As the name suggests, half-page illustrations are the illustrations that cover more than a quarter or at maximum half of the page of the book. This kind of illustration usually accompanies words by expressing one of the most intriguing aspects of the story and is not usually confined to the chapter's title page. It can be a scene, a small introduction to a new character, a development in the plot, etc.


Single page illustrations:

These kinds of illustrations typically cover the whole page and are far more detailed and expressive than the formerly explained ones. These are in great detail, and the text usually becomes optional, as the illustration speaks for itself.


Spread illustrations:

These illustrations are usually spread on both the book's pages and are usually more expressive and in greater detail than the text, which becomes mostly optional in this illustration. The image takes up the whole page than just a small part of it.

Our five steps process of children's book illustration

Here’s a glimpse of what goes on in composing, editing and including illustrations in children's books.


Take your storytelling to a whole new level with illustrative visualisation!

Writing a children’s book is not a cakewalk. As simple as it may sound, keeping the attention of those young ones hooked is a major challenge for children’s book authors. With incredible images and vibrant colors, we can help you make this challenge a little less daunting. So, send us your brief or give us a call about those unfinished illustrations!

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